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Twin Flames Coming Home | Divine Healing with Yves & Lara

Yves and Lara longed for something deep, true and eternal. Something they could not find in society.

Their lives took them inwards, on an alchemical journey that led them to each other.

As Twin Flames, they share a common vision, which they fulfil through their unified purpose in their calling.

Yves and Lara are spiritual leaders who help others discover their very own inner source and live a life of love and fulfilment. Their work together is holistic, based on the Teachings of Union and teaches the transformative and healing power of love. 



Healing, Liberation and Sincerity.

Our Core Values.



Yves Hurni

Yves is a true example of personal transformation and spiritual growth. His story is characterised by determination, dedication and the search for deeper meaning.

Growing up on a Swiss farm, Yves was familiarised with the wonders of nature from an early age. But his life was also characterised by challenges, including serious health problems that forced him to look for alternative healing methods.

In the midst of his own healing journey, Yves discovered his passion for growing vegetables organically and the beauty of landscape gardening. His pursuit of health and wellness led him to a deep connection with the earth and the natural healing resources. 

When he found Twin Flames Universe, Yves not only received spiritual support, but also a new direction for his life. Yves gained deeper clarity about his life purpose and his relationship with Lara, his Twin Flame.

Since then, Yves has found a deep inner peace and has endeavoured to help others achieve the same. His story is a living example of how transformation is possible when you walk the path of the heart. As a spiritual coach and healer, Yves is here to support people live a life of meaning and purpose too.

His extremely high sensitivity and the endownment of his autism are true gifts for the special quality of his coaching services. Yves is clear, goal-orientated and immediately finds any blockage that is holding you back from experiencing perfection in your life.   



Lara's story is characterised by inner and outer change and her deep striving for God.

Her path has made her an empathetic and wise spiritual healer.

Lara grew up in an atheistic family, but she felt a deep connection to spirituality and an all-encompassing truth at an early age.

She began to deal intensively with the questions of life and the longings of her heart.

Through her decision to embrace the Teachings of Union into her life, she also began to recognize her true purpose. Lara not only found a community of like-minded people here, but above all a safe space and path that helped her to release her inner blockages and growth.

Through years of self-knowledge, inner healing and spiritual learning, Lara has developed a deep understanding of love and the dynamics of Twin Flames. She is strong and clear and an empathetic and authentic coach who helps others discover their own divinity.

Lara's story is a reminder that we all have the power to transform ourselves and realise our full potential. Her heart's desire is to bring peace to all people, to remind them and to guide them home.

Lara Zimmer

"Energy Is For Ascension Only."

Jeff & Shaleia



  • Lost or unsure on your Twin Flame journey?

  • Frustrated by your blocks and obstacles on your spiritual path?

  • Unsure and unclear about how to find your Twin Flame and deepen your relationship?


  • Good, strengthened and supported on your journey as you build a deeper connection to your own Divinity and your Twin Flame.

  • Able to overcome your blocks and achieve your personal and spiritual goals.

  • Peaceful and have increased clarity and certainty about how to find your Twin Flame and/or create a Harmonious Union.


  • Equiping you with practical tools and knowledge on your spiritual path and guiding you through your healing.

  • Providing you with personalised guidance and supporting you overcome your specific challenges.

  • Creating a supportive and empathetic environment where you feel safe and understood.

Twin Flames Coming Home

Yves Hurni und Lara Zimmer
Certified Ascension Coaches with Twin Flames Universe



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